Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome to Create with Rosemary

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Rosemary Garcia and I own Brooklyn Creative Studio in Brooklyn New York and in Lagos Nigeria In West Africa. I am a guru of Natural cosmetic Chemistry and teach all kinds of creative classes at our studio. We offer 78 types of classes and over 200 students a week visit our studio. 

Brooklyn Creative Studio offers all levels and types of Soap classes, body butter, hair care, perfume mixing, sewing of all levels, weaving, knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery, tapestry, beading, jewelry making and all types of baking classes. 

I have personally taught  1000's  of people to start their own business since I have a strong background is cosmetics. I also own Bonita Cosmetics by Rosemary Garcia Inc. which I have owned since 1996. 

Please check out our videos and free tutorials in each category. I love sharing DIY's and creative techniques to help people really get inspired. 

Now let's get creative.... 

My First Book launch!

So I have been speaking about my book for years now and it's finally coming to fruition. A book that I am sharing the love of creative crafts in many categories to all craft lovers like myself. 

I have also wrote small mini books in 8 different categories. Example a recipe and molding book on making cakepops, cupcakes, cookies and candies. I will also have a soap making book, candle making, sewing  and skincare book. 

Each category book will cost $74.95 each.